Gregg Goldston


Gregg Goldston is commonly referred to as

"the world's greatest solo mime today."


His 40-year touring career spans  across the globe, which included a 21- year discipleship with Marcel Marceau during which he performed as Mr. Marceau's Assistant, and also played main roles in his final company performances.


Gregg Goldston's  uniquely American style of comedy, his unrepresented level of technique, and his heartfelt stories of the human experience; propel his audiences into spontaneous cheers and standing ovations.


Gregg Goldston current offers two Evening Show Productions:

Louder Than Words & Weeping In Silence



"His work is among the

best I have seen

in my long history of performing around the world."


“His ability and vision have expanded the art of mime."


- Marcel Marceau


“Goldston combines


dancer’s grace and control

with a

silent comedian’s timing create terrifying, hilarious images.”


- The Chicago Reader


Follow these Links to Goldston's

Two Evening Performances:

Louder than Words  Weeping In Silence


The Goldston Mime Foundation   ◊   PO Box 974  New York, NY 10113   ◊   USA   ◊   Mobile: 917-776-4333

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