Gregg Goldston


The World Premiere of Weeping In Silence

 was staged at

The 15th International Mime Art Festival in Warsaw, Poland - June 7, 2015.


This review was written by Anna Czajkowska for the ARTYKULY publication of Warsaw.

(The review below has been translated from the original Polish into English. )


"WEEPING IN SILENCE" - A Self-Portrait Painted in Silence


"Weeping in Silence" is a kind of self-portrait of a mime, and an image of his stage journey.

This performance, like past performances from the artist, was painted in silence, but this time Gregg Goldston created a show which “appears to be the first of its kind in this field of art, in a style unprecedented in the art of mime”.  The way in which Goldston creates the story of his character is amazing.  He transforms reality, forcing to his will the world of gesture, mimicry, and even the space and energy which surround the stage.  The fluid changes and constant movement of lively images, conjured with the hand and flex of the body, kept the audience in suspense, amazed, amused and – I cannot lie – sometimes even frightened.  His performance is proof that an artist which possesses technical perfection, mathematical precision of movement, supreme lightness and flexibility, is also adept at observing and mimicking - because as masters of pantomime say – this art after all, stems from imitation.  Of course, movement is crucial, and movement is life. That is why the mime depicts man’s life with movement.  And I know now, that the everyday life of this artist is a constant race – against others, against himself, against time.  It is a struggle with a sense of isolation, loneliness, confinement.  The angel and the devil that must be reconciled, tamed.  Goldston does not need to speak words, and his story seems more real than those told with words.  His beautiful dancing movements, carefully refined, sometimes minimalistic, other times very rich - touch you, because they are authentic, and saturated with sincerity.


Goldston despite being faithful to the traditions of pantomime, has developed his own style, with a large dose of individualism.  In “Weeping in Silence” he intrigues us with his unlimited imagination, slightly surreal view of reality, associations and dark humor.  He is able to captivate the viewer for a long time, and he does not lose interest in the artist-mime’s story from start to finish.


And at the end - a surprise. The master of pantomime speaks from the stage, using words!  For his anniversary, Gregg Goldston serenaded the audience, students, creators and friends of the festival with a long thank you, expressed straight from the heart.  With special “embraces” given to the artistic director, Bartłomiej Ostapczuk.


May the joy and emotion carried by this extraordinary performance last as long as possible!  This is what I wish for myself and for all admirers of the art of mime.



07.06.2015 Scena Na Woli Teatru Dramatycznego w Warszawie (Wola Stage, Teatr Dramatyczny in Warsaw)


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