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~ Our School Assembly Show Description ~



The Show Order and Play Descriptions

(Running Time is 60-minutes which includes our Q & A Culmination with the students.)




(A Duet – Music –  4-minutes)

As an introduction to the art of mime and of themselves, Gregg and Haruka perform a comical play that will seem like we are watching two Tap Dancers compete with each other about which dancer has the best fancy steps.  Of course, their competition is based upon: “Which of them can do the fanciest ball bouncing tricks, with an invisible ball.”



(A Duet – Music – 6-minutes)

In this fast paced play we see Gregg & Haruka discover the magical world of invisible illusions.   The play showcases the invisible illusions people think of when thinking of classical mime.  In a mad-cap chase, we see them: Walk and Run in Place; find a rope and Tug-of War; create a Helium Balloon; Climb invisible Stairs and Ladders; Fall off the ledge of a tall building; then they Learn to Fly to land safely on the ground.  Then, they discover they are trapped in a large Mime Box which begins to shrink until they escape for a happy ending.



(Duet – Music - 5-minutes)

In this animated romantic comedy, we watch a lovely couple enter the stage while arguing about some unknown reason, but obviously it’s the man’s fault!   As they now sit at their kitchen table, we watch as they continue to fight, make up, argue and make-up again until they finally fall for each other, as they remember how much they have always liked each other.   The play is performed in a Warner Brothers Cartoon like manner, making it suitable for all ages.



(Begins with a Haruka Solo – Then joined by Gregg and Two Volunteer Students – 12-minutes)

As Gregg begins alone onstage blowing up a Helium Balloon and fighting with it as it pulls him up into the air, Haruka appears in the audience watching him along with the students.  She gets inspired and gestures an invitation to the students that asks: “Who wants to join us and create a balloon together?”  Gregg sees this request in progress and the two of them get two volunteers on stage, then the four of them do a lovely impromptu performance.

The children are showcased and leave the stage as the Heroes of the Day!

*** We also teach the Balloon to the entire school during the Q&A Demonstration Session. ***



(A Duet –– Music – 14-minutes)

In the final play, we see a couple meeting at a movie theater on their “first date.”  Once they get their tickets and stock up with snack bar treats, they begin to watch the movies.  Then, they are overwhelmed and as their imaginations run wild, they find themselves “inside” of the movie becoming the main characters!   We watch them travel though scenes from Rocky, to Indiana Jones, to Mission Impossible, The Titanic, and end with Star Wars.   Best of all, we also watch them fall for each other between each scene, as they imagine each other as the heroes of the films they’ve been watching.



After each performance, we hold a Question/Answer session.  We speak with the students in a casual and relaxed manner, which causes them to also respond very conversational with us.  Consequently, it enables them to ask us both artistic and personal questions.  We also  demonstrate various mime techniques if they ask us a “How did you that...?” type question.  We talk briefly about what makes Mime unique in comparison to other art forms and why Mime is a Wordless Art Form.


Most importantly, we speak about how Mime is an “actual language.”  We demonstrate how even though we are not using words, we are silently gesturing “Sentences!”  We describe how we are using Nouns, Verbs, Commas, and Periods while performing; and how that is why our thoughts and actions are so clear to them.


Our Session culminates with us teaching the entire group The Balloon illusion.



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